In order to achieve the Flexibility, that a good Wushu artist requires, Warm Up, proper nutrition and specific excercises must be taken into Account


  • Nutrition: You last meal before training should be taken about one and a half hour before your wushu training.
  • Start off warming up your joints a few minutes. I don't recommend joint circling. Joint circling is not really up to date and can actually harm your joints. Personally I prefer doing squats and calf raises rather than squeezing my ankle into the floor. And if you want to circle your ankles, circle in the air (without pressure).
  • Cardio Warm Up: About 10 minutes - Running, rope skipping etc.Your pulse in this stage should be between 135 and 160 beats/min.
  • Stretching 5 to 15 minutes. Static and dynamic.
  • Sport specific warm-up. Wushu exercises etc. 

Cool DownEdit

  • Power-Out: About 10 minutes of very intensive cardio: 100m sprints, frog jumps etc. Pulse frequency up to 180. Not everybody like powering out at the end of the workout. Actually that's more a Chinese/russian thing.
  • Stretching: 5 minutes - Static Stretches. No isometric stretches, no dynamic stretches
  • Massage: 5 minutes - Partner exercises.
  • Hot-Cold Showers: 5 minutes. Cold can help prevent inflammations. Hot is to increase blood flow and get rid of waste products lactic acid etc. Begin with warm water and change to hot after a minute. 10 seconds cold and then 50 hot again... etc.
  • Nutrition: Don't eat immediately after workout. Wait at least 20 minutes and then eat something light: Rich in protein and carbs. 

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